Hey, good morning.



Morning.. I don’t hunk we’ve met, have we?

No we haven’t. I’m Ian. And you?


Nice to meet you Ian. I’m Barbara. Or Barbie. Or B. Whatever you want to call me.

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Hey, good morning.


Morning.. I don’t hunk we’ve met, have we?

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Got locked out..


Guess that forces me to be social with everyone here.



I hear people are getting back together and all that crap. If you ask me, I’m ready to stay single and just mess around a little..

I hear people are getting back together and all that crap. If you ask me, I’m ready to stay single and just mess around a little..

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Insert Creative Title Here ll Barbara & Justin



Barbara gnawed in a fingernail, her blue eyes staring thoughtlessly off into the distance. Her other hand drummed against the coffee shop table, impatient for her order. She had gotten literally no sleep since arriving, her thoughts wrapped around one person. Every time she tried to tell herself that it was his fault, that she didn’t really do anything wrong, her stomach felt weird, as if she was lying to herself. And she was.

Well, what does he expect? She thought furiously. I’m not perfect.

As her name was called, she grabbed her coffee and sat back down, staring at the wisps of steam rising from the cup. She sipped slowly, the caramel flavoring a luxury she wasn’t used to having, being on strict diets 24/7 for her modeling. She sighed and drank it as if it was her last drink on earth.

Barbara sat quietly for a moment, then stood to go back to where she was staying and put on something other than her PJ’s. She found herself not paying attention, and she clumsily bumped into someone.

“Oh, hey Justin..”

“Sorry. I’m so sorry” just said as he lifted his head from his phone and backed up with his hands up. Being away from the outside world was odd for Justin, his only contact with it was his phone. He was so used to being on world tours and being around fans and paparazzi all the time that to be away from it was relaxing to a point but it was also uncomfortable. He had grown accustomed to his life and he knew that in one years time when they were all released back into the wild things wouldn’t be the same and he would have to go through the same culture shock he went through when he first became famous at the age of 17. Hopefully it wouldn’t be so bad but he was sure that his entrance back into the real world was going to be tough. Not just for him but for everyone here. God there was going to be a lot of paparazzi out that day.

“Oh hey! B! What’s up girl?” he said walking up to the girl and giving her a hug. “So how are you liking the place?” he asked her. He  himself had gotten pretty comfortable here already and he pretty much knew everyone. That was one of the perks of being beyond famous, a super star even, you meet a lot of people, especially a lot of good looking famous people like Barbara Palvin. They had first met at the Victoria’s Secret show not too long ago but got to know each other more when they were in the same group together and went to go see the lion king Broadway show with a few other people. 

It was a nice meeting and he grew to like the girl. She was a super model but she was also pretty down to earth like he was and young too. It was rare to find young people like himself who had to go through similar things so it was a bit refreshing. Seeing her again here made him relax a little, he knew this year was going to be fun.

Barbara blushed furiously, now self conscious she didn’t have any makeup on to hide it. “Oh.. I’m sorry.. I was-” She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. She giggled quietly, and glanced back up at him. How did he end up here.. She thought. He’s perfect, his ex is flawless.. What happened? Barbara ran a hand through her messy brown hair. He had every girl in the world at his disposal and he chose to come here? Barbara came because she just needed to get away from him, to think things over and see if it was worth trying to hear their broken love. So far, she felt that it wasn’t.

“Yeah.. I’m just getting coffee..” She shrugged, tossing her empty cup into the trash. “I sorta had a ‘Why Not?’ Moment, I mean, my manager or dietician isn’t here, why not splurge a little?” She smirked at him, trying to stop herself from blubbering on. She had no idea why she was like this now, she had seen him before, they had even done stuff together. She guessed it was her lack of a good nights sleep and the unexpected sugar that her body didn’t know how to handle.

“So..” She leaned against the counter. “What are you doing here?” she offered, trying to make some form of conversation.

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Have no fear, Nialler is here!


Hey! I don’t think we’ve met.. I’m Barbara. But I go by.. A lot of other names. Nice to meet you!

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Let me try this again



Hey! I don’t think I’ve met you.. Im Barbara.. Or Barbie.. Or B.. Whatever you want to call me..

Barbra works for me. How are you love?

I’m doing pretty good.. How are you?

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